Saturday, June 02, 2007

Dogma Free America

I've been beset with technical issues this week (a sign from god perhaps) and combined with my increasing boredom, explains why I've not posted as regularly as I usually do. Things appear to be working now, so I'll continue...

Dogma Free America is a podcast which specialises in the 'news and views of dogma', and recently Rich, who runs it, asked if he could interview me about my experiences in parapsychology. Former media whore that I am, I did accept his offer, and I've just had news that the podcast is now up and live. I've not had a listen (and since I know what I said, I can't be bothered listening to me again) but I'm sure some readers may be interested; if not in what I have to ramble on about, perhaps in the other interviews that can be found there.